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Omega 3 and Pregnancy - the Most solving Addition?

Researches omegi 3 and pregnancy show remarkable privileges both for mother and for the child.
Omega 3 fat acids, especially DHA in rich delivery in cod-liver oil, are essential to a developing brain and eyes of the child growing in a uterus of mother.
Omega 3 oils, DHA and EPA in cod-liver oil also reduce ignition in a body of mother, improve mood, protect against depression, and improve balance of cholesterol of blood.
At its child, research have shown, there will be the best development of a brain and an eye if at mother will be much DHA, circulating in its body. Privileges proceed in quickly developing brain of the child and vision after a birth if at the child is much DHA in milk of mother or in addition.
Actually, researches specify that the babies given enough DHA actually, have higher IQ!
Pregnant women can receive some of these privileges at meal of correct fat fish, kinds which have good deliveries omegi 3, such as a mackerel, a tuna al'bakora, sardines, anchovies, a trout of lake, hoki and a salmon. In the ideal world it would be in the best, most natural way to receive good quantity omegi 3.
The today's world does eating fish very stimulating, anyway. On the one hand, the majority of these fishes not popularly in modern diets. Two which have usually eaten in America and Europe, especially in the North America, are a tuna and a salmon, and you should be cautious about both.
Tuna - the big fish of a predator, above a food chain, and sea toxins - mercury, PCBs, leadership and others - always concentrate in the important person. For this reason modern medical experts have made the supervising principles limiting quantity of a tuna which we should eat - especially small children and pregnant women!
Salmon, washing personal favourite food fish, in general among purer fish of food in wild district. The problem, all salmon, sold new in supermarkets, is the grown up farm - and a farm, the grown up salmons have lower levels omegi 3 and very much higher levels of poisonous chemicals which all of us should avoid, again especially in pregnancy.
The tinned salmon of Alaska always is caught in wild district (instructions of the government of staff), and thus it is more safe.
Which leads to a final problem: Tinned fish, both a tinned tuna and a salmon, tends to have omegu 3 levels resolutely reduced by a strong heat, used in conservation.
These problems can be eliminated with the best omegoy 3 additions. The best arrive from the concentrated cod-liver oil but as all the rest, is good oils of fish and bad. At least, oil should be molecularly distilled for cleanliness, and many not; most of all you will find on a drugstore regiment, are not concentrated for the best privileges, also.


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